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  • Most people know when they bring home a puppy they are going to have to do some housebreaking, but what happens if your dog is older and is still going inside the house? How do you establish or re-establish the correct behaviors? Be Patient with Your Pooch When potty training a dog, both young, and old dogs need the same type of training and care. They may have never been trained to go [...]

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    Free Carpet Care Guide

    Accidents happen, that is just the nature of life. However, knowing how to clean-up when accidents happen can save you thousands. This free guide will help you: Avoid costly mistakes from bad advice and low-quality products Preserve your carpet's warranty Remove problem spots Slow down carpet wear and tear Choose the right carpet when buying new    Sign up for our email list and get [...]

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    There are many types of carpet cleaning methods from steam cleaning to dry cleaning available today. Every company will portray their carpet cleaning method as the best. However, the answer to which carpet cleaning process is superior, is simpler than it seems. What are the different carpet cleaning methods, and how do they work? Steam Cleaning Steam cleaning is typically the most [...]

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