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  • Carpet Cleaning

  • Carpet Cleaning Process

     Our 6 step carpet cleaning process ensures the best possible cleaning.

    • Assess carpet for problem areas
    • Move most furniture
    • Brush and vacuum carpet
    • Pre-treat carpet for problems spots, spills, and stains.
    • Clean with a non-residue circular dry foam. The enzyme solution is specially formulated to break down the oils and greases that hold and trap soil to the carpet. It is gently scrubbed down to the backing of the carpet offering exceptional cleaning without the excessive use of water. This is considered a dry cleaning process that uses encapsulation.  Stairs are cleaned by hand to ensure we get into all the nooks and crannies.
    • Final grooming – Carpets are brushed again to lift the nap and give them a beautiful finished appearance.

    Once the cleaning is completed your technician will do a walk through with you to ensure you are satisfied with the work. Average drying time is between 2-4 hours. Adding sanitizer to your service can increase the drying time. For more information about our cleaning products and equipment Click Here.


  • Our Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Guarantee

    If you are not satisfied with your Denver carpet or upholstery cleaning service, and we cannot make you happy before we leave, do not pay for your service. After you pay, if your spots come back within 30 days, so will we!

    Once your carpet and upholstery cleaning is paid for you receive a 30 day service guarantee that covers anything from spots coming back to the kids, or pets spilling, or tracking something in. Should anything happen after your cleaning be sure to give us a call within your 30 day period, and we will come back at no charge and take care of it.

    Providing Excellent Carpet Cleaning Services to North Denver Colorado.


  • Important Fee Notification

    Due to insurance costs and the risk of injury to our cleaner, as of January 1, 2019, a fee of $50 will be added to apartments above the 2nd floor that do not have a working elevator. This fee DOES NOT apply to homes with more than two stories. For a more detailed explanation please visit our FAQ page under Guarantees & Miscellaneous. 

  • Basic Carpet Cleaning Prices

    Minimum Order  $99.00
    1 room & hall  $99.00
    2 rooms  $110.00
    3 rooms  $130.00
    4 rooms  $170.00
    additional rooms  $40.00
    traffic areas  $30.00
    hall/bath/walk in closet  $15.00
    Stairs/ per step  $3.00
    Landing  $5.00

    Basic Upholstry Cleaning Prices

    6-8' sofa  $    85.00
    loveseat  $    65.00
    chaise  $    60.00
    oversized chair  $    55.00
    chair  $    45.00
    ottoman  $    20.00
    Area rugs can range in price from $0.35 per square foot to $4.50 per square foot depending on the rug.
    Sofa sectionals are priced by the piece.
    A room may contain up to 320 square feet. Living/Dining combination rooms and L-shaped rooms count as two rooms reguardless of size.
    Stairs may be 3.5 feet wide.
    Whole House Packages are available. Please check out


  • Optional Products

    Injection $10.00/ 1 SQ.FT  


    Sanitizer   $40.00/200-400 SQ.FT 


     6-8' Sofa     $20.00
     Loveseat     $14.00
     chaise     $10.00
     XL chair     $8.00
     chair     $6.00
     Ottoman     $4.00


    Soil Retardant/SQ.Ft 0.15/SQ.FT


     6-8' Sofa     $30.00
     Loveseat     $20.00
     chaise     $18.00
     XL chair     $15.00
     chair     $10.00
     Ottoman     $8.00




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