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  • There are many types of carpet cleaning methods from steam cleaning to dry cleaning available today. Every company will portray their carpet cleaning method as the best. However, the answer to which carpet cleaning process is superior, is simpler than it seems. What are the different carpet cleaning methods, and how do they work? Steam Cleaning Steam cleaning is typically the most [...]

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    How often should I clean my carpet?

    Cleaning your carpet is an important part of home maintenance.  It will increase the longevity of the carpet, and keep it looking beautiful for many years. However, the time frame to clean carpets is different for every family based on use, and other factors. Carpet Warranties For a person who has recently purchased a new carpet there are a few important things to know when [...]

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    There are many people who prefer to DIY when it comes to taking care of their home. It is a great way to save money and for many people it is a way of life. However, there are some great benefits to hiring a professional carpet cleaner that just can’t be achieved by doing it yourself. DIY Carpet Cleaning Can Void Your Warantee Store-bought products available for home carpet cleaning [...]

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