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  • Misconceptions About Stain Guard

    The protective stain guard coating DOES NOT prevent stains. Contrary to the title, a stain guard doesn’t prevent stains.  Instead, it prevents absorption into the carpet. However, the effectiveness of stain guard can be negated by scrubbing. If a spill occurs on the carpet, resist the urge to scrub. Scrubbing pushes the liquid deeper into the fabric and negates the protective coating.  This [...]

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    Dirt or Damage Have you ever walked into a home where you could literally see the path that is most traveled? Many people just assume that the carpets are just dirty. However, wear patterns are starting to form. This is carpet damage that cannot be removed. Wear patterns are something that eventually will happen to ever carpet over time. However, there are some simple things that you can do to [...]

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    This morning I was awakened by a sound; one that is unmistakable in its terrifying meaning. As a parent, I have heard it many times before, and it always sends a sickening feeling straight down to my toes. I immediately sprang out of bed and ran to my four-year-old daughter’s room. I found her half asleep but in the middle of a projectile situation. My first thoughts “Holy chunks [...]

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