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  • 5 Carpet Tips for Snowy Weather

    It's Snowing! It’s cold, and everyone is tracking in the snow! With a husband that works out in the elements, pets, and kids, everyone is making a path straight through my living room. Keeping slush and mud out of the carpets has become a daunting task. Are you with me? If you are trying to keep your carpet looking great here are some cleaning tips you can use to keep the house looking nice, [...]

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    We are so excited to announce that we have a new treatment available for pet odor problems. As of October 11, 2016 we are offering ozone treatments. Ozone is a powerful cleaning agent that is produced by lightning. It is used to purify water, kill mold, and it is extremely effective at removing odors including ammonia which is found in pet urine. Sometimes pets really get the best of our [...]

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    A few years ago my litter box trained cat stopped using her litter box. I couldn’t figure it out. She had been using the box since I brought her home as a kitten, and the only time she had ever had an accident was when she was accidentally locked in a bedroom. This new bad behavior was frustrating. She was peeing on towels and clothes, in a corner of the closet, and most frustrating was that [...]

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