Christmas Poem

Twas The Month Before Christmas

Christmas TreeTwas the month before Christmas,
And all through the house,
The spots were appearing,
Caused by kids, pets, and spouse.

With company coming,
Mom has no time to waste,
She must clean up the carpet,
Must clean it post haste.

She runs to the cabinets,
And mixes a brew,
Pours it into a bottle,
There is so much to do.

With spray bottle in hand,
And a rag for good measure,
She tackles the spots,
And exclaim, “This is taking forever!”

So away to the phone,
She dashes with haste,
To call a carpet cleaner
To rescue her space.

The cleaner shows up,
With equipment in hand,
To clean her rugs quickly,
And impress her large clan.

And once her company,
Departs from her place,
Should there be a new spot,
She needs to erase,

She will call up her cleaner,
And happily declare,
“I am so glad that the
30 day guarantee is there!”

To schedule your cleaning,

And leave nothing undone

Call 303.993.6751


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