• Our Carpet Cleaning Equipment & Process and its Effectiveness

    Justin using our Clark floor machine to clean carpets.

    Justin using our Clark floor machine to clean carpets.

    We get a lot of questions about the equipment that we use, our cleaning process, and how effective it is.  Here are the answers to the questions we are frequently asked.

    We offer a non-residue dry foam cleaning process. The products we use are safe for children, pets, and anyone with allergies. They are also biodegradable, and will not leave behind anything to attract soil or dirt, so that carpets stay cleaner longer.  They will be softer and fluffier to the touch once the cleaning is completed.

    Our Cleaning Solution is Enzyme Based

    What is an enzyme?

    An Enzyme is made up of numerous complex proteins that are produced by living cells.  They catalyze specific biochemical reactions at body temperature. Our enzyme solution is designed to eat oils and greases that hold and trap soil in the carpet. Removing the oil insures the carpets will stay cleaner longer. Enzymes also work better when removing problems spots. Many people find that we are able to remove spots that other cleaners have left behind.

    Our Cleaning Equipment

    We use a professional grade Oreck vacuum, and a Clark industrial floor machine. Our floor machine is a buffer. It uses a nylon fiber brush made especially to clean carpet.  The brush rotates in a circular pattern, and cleans down to the backing of the carpet. This ensures thorough agitation of the fibers, and allows us to clean very well without using a lot of water. In fact, we only need about a gallon and a half of water to clean about twelve hundred square feet of carpet. This allows the carpets a quick drying time of about 2 hours, even when it’s cold outside. It is not necessary to keep outside doors open during cleaning, which is another advantage.

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    The results are fantastic! In fact we are so sure you will love it, that if you don’t like the cleaning when we are finished please do not pay for the service.  Once you are satisfied, and pay for your service you receive a 30 Day Guarantee. This guarantee doesn’t just cover returning spots, it also covers new ones. If you spill something, track something in, or just have something you want gone over again for any reason call us. As long as it is within 30 days we will come back out at no charge for the basic re-cleaning of those areas as well as reapplication of any optional products purchased.

    When purchasing our sanitizer for a pet issue, our customers must purchase the recommended amount for the product to work effectively.  If the recommended amount is not purchased; we will be unable to guarantee the effectiveness of the product.  In that particular situation, we will be unable to reapply it as part of our 30 day guarantee, should we need to return for any reason.

    Please Note:   If the area to be re-cleaned requires special treatment that was not paid for originally; there will be a charge for the optional product .  For example: If your dog gets sick on the carpet, and you did not originally purchase the sanitizer,  but the carpets now need to be sanitized,  you would only pay for that product.

    See more details about our process on our website at https://www.pristinecarpetcleaning-co.com/home-2/.