• Holiday Specials

  • 3 rooms & hall $99.00

    4 rooms & hall $130.00

    5 rooms & hall $150.00

    May exchange one room for 13 steps. Additional steps are $3.00 each.

    Standard 6-8′ sofa & chair $110.00

    Standard 6-8′ sofa & loveseat $130.00


  • Prices are for basic cleaning.

    Optional products are not included. Each room may be up to 320 square feet each. Hallways may be a total of 30 square feet, and can be exchanged with either a walk in closet or bathroom. Stairs may be 3.5 feet wide. May not be combined with other offers.

    Call to Schedule @ 303.993.6751

    You can purchase this special as a gift!

    Purchase this special as a gift certificate. The discounted offer on the will be valid through April 2018. After that it will be worth the value you paid for it. For example:  If you purchase a gift certificate for 4 rooms and a hall, your recipient will receive 4 rooms and a hall through the end of April. After April 2018 the certificate will be valid for $130 worth of cleaning.