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  • Use our online booking platform to pick your service, day and time!  Once we arrive discounts cannot be applied, so make sure that you mention it prior to our arrival the day of service** Occasionally, your location may not match up with the scheduled routes. If this happens we will let you know within 24 business hours and work with you to find another time or day that will work for you. 

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  • Valentines Specials

    With Valentines Day coming there is no better way to say I love you than a clean house that she didn't have to work hard at.  Take 20% off the following options for basic cleaning. Not valid with any other offers or coupons. 

    2 rooms $84.00 (Normally $105) 

    3 rooms $104.00 (Normally $130)

    4 Rooms $136.00 (Normally $170)

    5 Rooms $159.00 (Normally $199) 


    Sofa & Loveseat $120.00 (Normally $150.00)




  • Prices are for basic cleaning.

    Optional services such as soil retardant, sanitizer, injections or red removal are not included. Each room may be up to 320 square feet each. Hallways may be a total of 30 square feet and can be exchanged with either a walk-in closet or bathroom. Stairs may be 3.5 feet wide. May exchange 1 rooms for 13 steps.  May not be combined with other offers.

    As always, basic cleaning includes some furniture moving, vacuuming, spot treatment, and the cleaning plus the 30-day guarantee.  We do not move beds, electronics, wall units, or items requiring disassembly or of excessing weight. The basic cleaning will not remove pet odors, or mold and mildew problems. These problems require special products which are not included in the basic cleaning.

    Soil Retardant is a carpet protectant that helps to prevent wear and tear and extends the life of the carpet. 

    Sanitizer is used to treat a variety of problems from light pet odor, to mold and mildew. It is antibacterial and antimicrobial and does have a citrus scent. 

    Injections are used for severe pet urine issues. It is injected into the carpet and padding to ensure complete saturation of the affected area. Saturation is important to properly treat the problem areas and can increase drying time by 


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    You can purchase this special as a gift!

    Purchase this special as a gift certificate. The discounted offer on the will be valid for the 3 months following the purchase date. After that it will be worth the value you paid for it. For example:  If you purchase a gift certificate for 3 rooms for $110.00, your recipient will receive the three rooms of cleaning until 3 months from the date of purchase. After that, the certificate will be valid for $110.00 worth of cleaning.