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Upholstery Cleaning

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

Upholstery should be cleaned every one to two years. Similar to your carpet, upholstery accumulates several pounds of soil each year. This  accumulation is compounded by the amount of oils that skin leaves on the fabrics.

Oils attract dirt which increase wear, and decreases the life of the fabric. Vacuuming helps, but  cannot remove dirt that is glued to the fabric by oils.

Most people don’t realize how much dirt is actually in the fabric until it is brushed. Inevitably, a dust cloud fills the air. If you or family members have asthma or are allergic to dust mites, cleaning your upholstery will greatly improve the quality of the air you breathe.

Our Process

  • Brush and vacuum fabric.
  • Pre-treatment for spots
  • Clean fabrics with a specially formulated solution that breaks down oils, and releases dirt from the fabrics. Fabrics are cleaned by hand using a transfer method to ensure all the nooks and crevices are addressed. The transfer method allows us to clean the fabrics very effectively, without completely saturating the foam cushions. Upholstery is typically dry in just a couple of hours and ready for use.
  • Final Brush

As with all of our services the work is guaranteed for 30 days. If spots should return, or you want something gone over again for any reason, we will return at no charge to take care of it.

Whether you need sofa cleaning, or other upholstery cleaning you can trust Pristine Carpet Cleaning to provide an eco friendly cleaning for your family, that is also safe for anyone with allergies.

Basic Cleaning Pricing:

6-8′ Sofa $ 85.00
Loveseat $ 65.00
Chase $ 60.00
Oversized Chair $ 55.00
Chair $ 45.00
Ottoman $ 20.00

Sectionals are priced by each section. Basic cleaning prices do not include soil retardant, sanitizer/deodorizer, or red out products. See our complete price list here. 2016 Pricing List PDF

We do not clean leather.


Carpet Cleaning Guarantee

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

 Customer Service Misses             

One thing I really hate is paying good money for a service, and not having things end up the way I think they should. Even more, I seriously dislike companies that I have to fight tooth and nail with to get an issue resolved once I have paid for the service. I realize, I sometimes have unrealistic expectations, but if a company guarantees their work, why should I have to fight with them to get them to come back out and correct an issue? If they are unable to fix it because my expectations were wrong, at least they could show me a little respect. They should come back, inspect the work, and give it another try before saying there is nothing that can be done.

As a representative for our family business, I never want our customers to feel this way when they call our office with a problem.

Our goal when handling problems

At Pristine we take our guarantee seriously. When you call with a problem we will do everything in our power to handle the situation with the care, and respect that it deserves. We realize that we can’t make everyone happy, but we will work as hard as possible to resolve any issues quickly.

Our Cleaning Guarantee

First, we guarantee your satisfaction 100% upon completion of the cleaning, or you do not pay for your service. Simply let us know if you are not satisfied. If we are unable to make you happy before we leave, there will be no charge for the service. Once you pay for the service you receive a 30 day service guarantee. If you have any problems from spots come back, or new spots occurring within 30 days of the cleaning, we will come back out and re-clean the area. New spots could be caused by kids spilling, dogs getting sick or tracking in mud, or maybe someone spilled a glass of wine. It doesn’t really matter what happened as long as you call within 30 days of your original cleaning. We will come back out to the home at no charge to take care of the problem. The only exceptions to our no charge policy are when a new product, that was not originally purchased, is needed to correct a problem. Or the customer did purchase a product, but did not use the recommended amount. For example:

1. A new product is needed if the customer spilled a glass of wine, and in order to remove the red spot the carpet needs to be treated with Red Out.

2. The customer purchased sanitizer because of a pet odor, but did not use the recommended amount, and the odor returned. In these cases the customer would only pay for the product that is needed to take care of the issue, not for us to come back out.

What should you do if you have a problem?

1. Call us as soon as possible. Please do not put off calling, some things need to be handled quickly, and the sooner we can get you on the schedule the better.

2. If you have had a new spill we may be able to give you tips to help keep it from becoming permanent.

3. Tell us what the problem is so we can make sure we have everything we need to take care of your particular problem, when returning to your home.

4. Have a couple of different day, and time options available for scheduling when you call. We will do our best to get you on the calendar as quickly as possible at a time that works for you.

If you have used our service, and have asked us to return to your home for any reason to have an issue resolved we would love to hear your feedback in the comments below. How were you treated when you called? How quickly were we back out to your home? Did you feel like you were respected?

Pet Smells Begone!

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Our homes don’t have to smell like our pets

We love our pets. They become members of our families, and just like our children they like to join in with family fun and mess making. As many loving pet owners have come to realize, pets can cause our homes to smell. It isn’t always because they have accidents in the home.  Just like people our furry friends can have dandruff, oily skin, and grumpy digestive tracts. All of these items can lead to that funk pet smell in our homes, but how do you get rid of it?

Dogs, cats and other pets spend tons of time in our homes lying on carpet, flooring, bedding and other things. Their skins produce oil that is absorbed right into whatever they are laying on; depositing that odor everywhere.  In order to get rid of these smells it is important to work from the inside of your pet out, starting with their health.

Your pet’s diet could be the culprit

Proper care of our pets is important. Make sure you pick foods that are all natural and preservative free. Most pet foods contain chemicals and preservatives that can damage the natural flow of your pets system causing problems like oily, smelly skin, fowl smelling bowl movements, and more. A degreasing shampoo will help pets with oily skin. If you pet has had an odor problem for a long time you may need them to go through detoxification. Check with your vet to find out the best method to detoxify you pet. Every pet is different and may require different methods for detoxifying.  Also make sure your pet is getting the essential fatty acids that they need. Your vet can recommend a good supplement. If your pet has been having issues with making it to the box or outside these steps may very well help to get them back on track.

Your cat’s food is more important than you may realize. Cats especially are known to be susceptible to bladder infections. Cat food that is too high in sodium, or not having the proper PH can really make a difference in the habits of your cat. Cats with bladder infections tend to have more problems going outside the little box. Instead they will aim for a cool comfortable place. They may also hit multiple areas around the home because every time they go to the bathroom it hurts. Cats will associate pain with their litter box, and suddenly that is the last place you will find them. If you suspect your cat has a bladder infection a trip to the vet is necessary. Bladder infections can be life threatening to your cat, and a dose of antibiotics can get them back on track quickly.

What to do about a healthy cat that won’t use it’s box

If your cat is perfectly health, but is still going to the bathroom outside its box there are a couple of things you can do. First, add more littler boxes. Make sure there is a box on every level of your home, and in areas where you cat has a tendency to go. Your cat may also be claustrophobic so leave the lid off the box. Second, clean your litter boxes daily. Cats do not like to stand in their waste, which can lead to them peeing in different areas of the home. If you have switched litters recently, or you have a cat that is declawed the litter may be hurting their paws. You may need to change to something less abrasive. Lastly, make sure your cat is spayed, or neutered. If your cat isn’t fixed, then they are going to be excited to mark their territory, and invite other cats over for a date.

Spot Cleaning

While you are working on your pet’s health, use white vinegar and water to spot clean. You can also use this to clean your hard surfaces. It’s cheap and green. DO NOT put dish soap in anything you use to clean your carpets.  NEVER USE bleach, cleaner that are not designed for carpets, or anything that says “test for color fastness,” on your carpet.

Once your pet is on the road to healthy living

Once you have taken care of your pet’s health it is time to get the carpets cleaned. Make sure you invest in having the carpet sanitized. Sanitizing the carpet will help to remove the smell by killing the bacteria that causes it. In some cases if the pet has urinated in an area over and over again it may have reached the pad. Although this isn’t very common if it has reached the padding you will need to have an injection treatment done where the sanitizer is injected directly into the pad in the areas that are affected. In very rare cases urine passes through the pad and reaches the flooring underneath. When this happens the injections need to be taken down to the floor boards. If the problem is extreme you may need to pull up the carpet and treat, or replace the floor boards.

Pet smells don’t have to run your life. You can reclaim a odor free home starting today.

Need your carpets cleaned now? Schedule an appointment today call 303.993.6751.

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