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4 Ways to Remove Carpet Dents Without Breaking the Bank
4 Ways to Remove Carpet Dents Without Breaking the Bank

Anyone that has ever had heavy furniture sitting over a carpet has probably experienced carpet dents. Carpet dents are caused by carpet fibers being crushed and held in the same position for extended periods of time. The crushing of the carpet fibers damages the strands and causes them to lay differently than they were originally intended to lay. Sometimes, the damage can be permanent, but often it can be removed. Check out these four helpful tips on removing carpet dents.


It may seem obvious, but the best way to insure that you can remove carpet dents is to prevent them in the first place. Once established carpet indentations can be difficult to remove, but there are things that you can do to help limit the damage caused by furniture sitting for long periods of time. The first is to reposition your furniture a couple of times per year. Rotating the placement of the furniture will also help to prevent the development of wear patterns. Another form of carpet damage is caused by wear from walking the same path over the carpet daily.

Another way to help prevent dents is to utilize furniture that disperses the weight of the item more evenly across the floor. Look for furniture that has a wide base or feet that connect with a larger area of the floor.

Removing the Dents

Ice Cubes

When furniture is moved, and dents are noticed here are a few options for restoring the carpet fibers. First, for small dents, an ice cube can be used to moisten the area where the carpet is dented. If the dent isn’t bad allowing the ice cube to slowly melt over the spot may be enough to get the fibers to pop back up. However, it may also be necessary to brush the carpet fiber. Take a Tampico fiber brush and brush the dent to loosen up the fibers. This will help lift the nap of the fibers up as well.

Steam Iron

The second method would be to try to add a little heat to the process. Use a white towel and lay it over the carpet. Then take an Iron set to steam and iron over the dents. Keep the iron moving. Just like with clothing, ironing can scorch the fibers of the rug and possibly even melt them if they get too hot. You want to create steam, but not have it be excessively hot. Once you have applied the steam, take the Tampico carpet brush or a Gamby broom to the carpet and brush it out. Once again it is important to lift the carpet fibers up and help it to lay correctly.

Blow dryer

Once again, this method will work better for dents that aren’t hard-set in. Take a spritzer bottle full of warm water and liberally spray the area that is of concern. Use a Tampico brush or carpet rake to brush out the area and lift up the nap. Then use a blow dryer to gently dry the area. It’s important that you keep the heat at medium and don’t get it too close to the carpet. Just like with an iron you need to be careful not to burn the rug. Once dry brush again.

Professional Cleaning

Finally, professional cleaning of the carpet is the most effective way to remove carpet dents. However, keep in mind that the longer a heavy piece of furniture sits in the same spot, the more damage it will cause. For example, if the furniture sat in the same location for 10 years the dents may not fully release. They may come partially back up, or they may be a permanent fixture in the carpet.

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