• Dirt or Damage

    Have you ever walked into a home where you could literally see the path that is most traveled? Many people just assume that the carpets are just dirty. However, wear patterns are starting to form. This is carpet damage that cannot be removed.

    Wear patterns are something that eventually will happen to ever carpet over time. However, there are some simple things that you can do to help slow down the formation of these wear patterns.

    1. Wear house shoes.

    We all know that wearing street shoes on the carpet is not the best of ideas. Wearing socks does help, but house shoes will give added protection against oils that migrate from our feet, through our socks, and onto the carpet. Oils act like a dirt magnet, and just like a magnet, oils don’t like to let go of the dirt gravitating towards it.

    1. Vacuum regularly.

    Vacuuming your carpet once a week is a great way to help keep the carpets looking great longer.

    1. Brush your carpets

    Brushing the carpet helps to break loose dirt that is stuck to carpet fibers, and allows your vacuum to be more effective as well. It also lifts the nap of the carpet and makes it look pretty. This should be done once a month.

    1. Rotate your furniture

    By changing the placement of your furniture every 6 months, you also change the location of where foot traffic falls in a room. This will cause the carpet to wear more evenly. Just like rotating your mattress helps it to last longer, so does rotating your furniture. *Make sure not to drag heavy furniture across carpet. This can loosen the carpet, and my result in a need to have it stretched.

    1. Regular Cleanings.

    Every house hold has a different amount of traffic, and wear and tear that occurs over time. If you are noticing darkening in the walk areas, the carpet starting to mat down, or spots that aren’t coming up with general spot cleaning. It is time to clean. Carpet manufactures recommend cleaning a minimum of every two years. On average the standard may look like this:

    • Pet Owners with Kids – every 6 months to a year.
    • Family with kids – every year to year and a half
    • Family with light traffic – once every year and a half to two years.
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