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    There are many types of carpet cleaning methods from steam cleaning to dry cleaning available today. Every company will portray their carpet cleaning method as the best. However, the answer to which carpet cleaning process is superior is simpler than it seems.

    What are the different carpet cleaning methods, and how do they work?

    Steam Cleaning

    Steam cleaning is typically the most recognized carpet cleaning process available. Hot water extraction was invented in 1947 and has been a primary cleaning method used since it’s inception. Also, known as hot water extraction, or a truck-mounted system, this method uses large quantities of hot water to agitate and clean carpet. First, a spot pre-treater and cleaning solution are sprayed over the carpet and allowed to sit and absorb into the fibers, loosening the dirt and grime. Then a hot water extraction wand is used to suction out the water and soil.

    Carpet Shampooing

    Developed in the 1970s, this particular method is used as a foamy shampoo to clean the carpet. It was highly popular until better cleaning methods emerged. Unfortunately, this method had a few downfalls including shampoos containing residues that were not rinsed from the carpet. The residues would attract soil back and cause the carpet to become dirty at a faster rate. Today, this method is primarily used by carpet shampooers designed for home use, although a rinse has been added.

    Dry Carpet Cleaning

    The name is actually a little misleading, as dry carpet cleaning can refer to any cleaning method with either no drying time up to a dry time of two hours. For the purpose of this article, we are going to break this up into a few categories.

    Dry Carpet Cleaning Compound

    This is a biodegradable powder that is sprinkled onto carpets. The powder is designed to attract dirt to it like a magnet. After sprinkling the compound onto the carpet and letting it sit for a short period of time. The compound is then vacuumed up, taking the dirt with it. The carpets are completely dry during the process, allowing for immediate use.

    Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

    The bonnet cleaning method was developed in the 1990s. This method employs a rotating machine with a pad on the bottom. The pad is typically immersed in the carpet cleaning solution and then used to clean the rugs. The pads require frequent rinsing and cleaning.

    Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

    This process emerged in the 1990s when new polymers were discovered. These polymers immediately dissolve and crystalize soil upon contact. The cleaning solution is applied through a rotating brush or pad. The crystallized soil is then vacuum-able after cleaning, pulling the soil from the carpet and leaving behind no residue.

    Which method is the best?

    Any of these methods can do a good job. There are two factors that ensure success.

    • First, your cleaner needs to be well trained. A person with just a week of training cannot be expected to know what he is doing. Proper training really is the key. An inexperienced cleaner can over saturate the rugs, and misuse the equipment. Either of which can cause damage to the carpet. Carpets should not take 24 hours to dry.
    • Second, the cleaning products must be of high quality. If the company you are hiring has opted for cheap products with optical brighteners, your results will be to be disappointing. Inexpensive products often contain by-products that can cause permanent damage to your carpets. Such as glycerin (OIL), ammonia and chlorine. They will leave the carpet looking bright when they are first cleaned, but the spots will start to return within a couple of weeks to a month, and also seem to get dirty more quickly.

    Picking Your Cleaning Company

    The secret to picking the best carpet cleaning method really comes down to your preference, and the quality of the work the cleaning company provides. If you want a fast-drying method, dry cleaning is the way to go. If you prefer steam for its longevity then go with that. Just do the research on the companies you are considering. Ask questions about how long the cleaners are required to train, how long they’ve been cleaning carpets, how quickly the carpets will dry, and what the guarantees are. As always check out the company’s reviews. Most people know to check review sites before they hire a company. However, some review sites do tamper with customer reviews and remove them. When in doubt Google and Facebook are highly reliable for providing legitimate reviews.

    How we ensure you get great results.

    • As a family, we have been cleaning carpets since the early 1980s. You have two generations of cleaning knowledge behind everything we do.
    • All of our cleaning technicians are employees, not contractors.
    • All technicians must work as an assistant for six months before they are allowed to be a lead technician, regardless of previous experience. This ensures they understand our cleaning method, products, procedures, and equipment.
    • We train our technicians to be teachers. All of our cleaning technicians are experts at spot removal, and we train them to pass that knowledge onto our customers so that they can keep their carpets looking great in-between their cleanings.
    • We use high-quality cleaning products. Every product we use is carefully selected to ensure the best results, as well as safety. We want your family, fur-babies, and the environment to be safe.
    • We guarantee it twice! If we cannot make you happy before we leave, there is no charge for the service. Once you pay, we warranty the work for 30 days. If you have spots return, or fido tracks something in, just call us and we will return at no charge to retreat the area. The exception is when a new product not previously purchased is needed to treat an area, such as Red Out for a new red wine spill. Then you would only pay for the new product needed.
    • We have the reviews to back it up! Check out our reviews!

    Become one of our satisfied customers!

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