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  • Like most of Colorado, Broomfield’s weather conditions in the winter can vary a great deal. On occasion, we’ve even seen snow as late as July. These weather conditions offer many opportunities for dirt and grime to be tracked into the home on both shoes and paws. When that happens and you start to notice spots, traffic patterns or a dulling of the carpet color, it’s time to consider cleaning the rugs.

    Warranty & Manufacturers Recommendations.

    Carpet manufacturers recommend cleaning the carpet once every year to a year and a half to maintain a carpet’s warranty. It is important to remove the dust and grime with regular cleanings if you want to keep your carpet looking good for years to come. In addition, cleaning also helps to improve indoor air quality, as well as mood.

    A clean environment is proven to reduce stress. Just check out this article on the benefits of clean spaces. https://dailycollegian.com/2017/02/the-benefits-of-a-clean-room/

    Broomfield Carpet Cleaning

    If you are ready to clean the carpet in your Broomfield Colorado home Pristine Carpet Cleaning provides carpet, upholstery and area rug cleaning to the residents of the Broomfield area.

    In fact, the residents of Broomfield, Colorado have helped us to become one of the best carpet cleaners in the area, by sharing their stories of how we have served them. These stories range from online reviews, recommendations to friends and family, and social media. Thank you, Broomfield! We are proud to serve you and you have truly made a difference in our business.

    Broomfield, CO Services Provided

    If you are new to the Broomfield area, or a long-time resident in need of carpet cleaning services, thank you for checking us out. Our Broomfield cleaning services include some furniture moving, vacuuming, spot removal, and cleaning. We can also provide sanitation, carpet protection, and pet odor removal. All workmanship is backed by a 30-day guarantee/warranty. If any spots return, call us. There will be no charges for a retreat within the first 30 days. Even if your kids, pets, or husband undoes everything we just did. A few exceptions do exist, but only when a new product is needed. Check out the exceptions here.

    Clear Pricing

    Everyone wants straight forward pricing and services. We provide a detailed description of all work to be done. Additionally, you receive a clear break down of the price for each service.  You can schedule Broomfield carpet cleaning appointment online, or by phone. All appointments are confirmed by both text and e-mail messages. The text message includes a link where you can review your detail and pricing to ensure everything is correct prior to the day of service. 

    Rates for basic cleaning always include light furniture moving, vacuuming, spot treatment, cleaning and a 30-day warranty. Get an estimate online and book your appointment.

    Safety is important to us

    We know in today’s world that knowing who is coming to your home is important. On the day of your cleaning, you will receive a text message when your cleaner is en route. The text will include a picture of your cleaning technician, and an ETA based on his or her GPS location. Our goal is to provide you with a wonderful experience from start to finish. You can read more about our scheduling process, staff, and safety procedures by going to our about us page.

    Should you ever have questions or concerns about the service provided we definitely want to hear from you. Please call or email us at any time. Again, Thank you for making us the best in your area.

    Carpet Evaluation

    Examining the carpet is an important part of the carpet cleaning process. First, the cleaner will walk through the areas to be cleaned with you. They may ask what has been spilled and what you have done to treat specific spots. After a thorough investigation has taken place they will start prepping the area. In addition to moving light furniture and vacuuming, they will also pretreat problems spots.

    Treatment Recommendations

    If special treatments are needed to take care of problem areas, your cleaner may make recommendations to help improve the outcome of the cleaning. Problems such as pet odor, mold and mildew, musty odor, rust, or red wine stains may require a more aggressive treatment protocol than what comes with the basic cleaning service.

    Optional Products

    Your cleaners may make recommendations that will improve the outcome of the cleaning service. These products may include deodorizer/sanitizer, carpet protection, or red remover. We do not practice high-pressure sales tactics. However, severe pet odors will only become worse when the carpet becomes wet if not properly treated. Our basic cleaning cannot remove pet odors caused by urine or fecal problems. Sanitizing for urine and fecal matter is the only way to eradicate the smell. Instead, the urine will spread out further and can cause more damage to the carpet and padding. It is always, our goal to leave the home in better condition than when we arrived. However, if cleaning the carpet will make the conditions worse than we reserve the right to decline service.

    Customer Satisfaction

    Should you ever have questions or concerns about the Broomfield carpet cleaning service provided we definitely want to hear from you. Please call or email us at any time. Again, Thank you for making us the best in your area. 

    broomfield carpet cleaning

    “Pristine Carpet Cleaning is the most outstanding company I have done business with, in a long time! My carpets were cleaned so well and my furnishings treated with great care.
    I had stains on my carpet from a razor scooter tires. They came out 4 times to retreat and charged me nothing more than my original clean price! AMAZING!!! The stains – GONE!
    My carpet looks like new!
    The staff is friendly and caring. I will never call another carpet cleaning company!”
    Michelle M

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