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4 Ways to Protect Your Carpet From Your Christmas Tree

The holidays are here!

4 Ways to Protect Your Carpet From Your Christmas Tree

Don’t let your Christmas tree ruin your holiday celebration.

I don’t know about you but there is something magical about putting up the Christmas tree with the kids. I love watching their faces light up as they pull out their favorite ornaments, decorate, and build memories of our family traditions.

Every year we put up our tree the week of Thanksgiving. This year I let my daughters have complete control over decorating the tree. Which in hindsight might have been a mistake for my OCD self. My five-year-old decided that all of the snowflake ornaments were a family and that for Christmas they needed to be together and not spread out all over the tree.  All twelve of the large snowflakes ended up grouped at the bottom right-hand side of the tree. I waited five days before moving them; telling my daughter that they spent too much time together, and needed a little space or they would start fighting, and destroy the tree. After all, snowflakes and glitter can be mighty destructive. She seemed to accept my explanation without a second thought, and my sanity was saved. I can’t wait to retell this story when she is older.

While our tree is already up, some have yet to put up your tree. Either way, there are some common mistakes we see from tree trimming, during the holidays, that leads to problems with carpets. To protect your rugs from your tree here are 4 tips to help you avoid panic later. Don’t let your Christmas tree stain your carpet.

Four Tips for Avoiding Carpet Tragedy

1. Do not use felt for a tree skirt.

Brightly colored felt will bleed color if it gets wet. While it is a cheap and easy way to decorate, it can create a lot of damage. The colors used to dye felt are permanent if they get on the carpet. If you choose to use felt under the tree, only use white. If using a Christmas tree skirt, purchase one that will not bleed. Always pre-wash the tree skirt before you put it over the carpet.

2. Proper containment of your Christmas tree water supply is important.

If you do not have the right size container, or it leaks you will have a problem that you may not notice for a month or two. Problems like this can cause water stains, and promote the growth of mold and mildew. Make sure your containment is in good functioning order before you put up your tree.

3. Place a potty pad under the water reservoir.

In addition to a leakproof water supply, it is a good idea to place some added protection under the tree. Adding a pet potty pad is a good way to catch any water spills and absorb them. The added protection will provide a barrier between the tree and the carpet to prevent water stains, and other unwanted problems caused by a small amount of water dropping on the carpet. Keep in mind if you spill a large amount you might need to move the tree to replace the pad. Always be proactive if you do have a spill. Don’t ever leave a large amount of water to dry on its own.

4. Christmas Tree Sap on the Carpet

While it may not be common, Christmas trees can drip sap. If the tree leaves sap on the carpet use a mixture of denatured alcohol and water to remove the sap. Use a Q-tip to apply the mixture to minimize the amount of product on the carpet and minimize potential damage. Rinse with water and a damp rag. Do not scrub vigorously, or you might fray the carpet fibers. Avoid using any soap or detergents.

Leaving sap can cause permanent discoloration. Make sure to take care of any sap as soon as you see it.


Happy Holidays Everyone!