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Why do carpets wrinkle?

When you walk into a room of freshly laid carpet, you can’t help but admire how beautiful it looks.  However, carpet wrinkles can be unsightly and a tripping hazard. There are several reasons that a carpet can start to wrinkle starting with improper installation, to the backing of the carpet breaking down from use or improper care.carpet wrinkles

The backing of the carpet serves a very important role in the life of the carpet. The backing provides alignment, stability, shape, and protection. Over time the back of the carpet will wear down. However, it can be accelerated by things we do in our day-to-day activities.

Everyday Wear & Tear

Hot water extraction can be a very good cleaning method. Yet, a well-documented drawback shows that hot water extraction leads to the breakdown of carpet backing.  Cleaning too frequently is another common cause of carpet backing breakdown. On average,  carpet should not be cleaned more than twice a year.

Only use home cleaners for spot cleaning. Do not clean the entire rug once a month. Over-cleaning will cause your carpet to wear out very quickly.  A thorough cleaning is not the same as spot cleaning. Spot cleaning should be done as spots occur to prevent permanent stains.

Frequently reconfiguring the furniture in the room, can cause carpets wrinkling.  Be sure to lift heavy furniture instead of dragging it across the carpet. Dragging heavy furniture can cause the backing to stretch or pull loose, which can eventually form little rolling hills or waves.

Dry cleaning the carpet is an effective method of cleaning, and can actually extend the life of your carpet. Dry cleaning offers a wonderful cleaning option that has benefits that can help with preventing carpet wrinkling and other damage over time. Because dry cleaning uses less water, it slows the breakdown of your carpet backing. Also, your carpet is less likely to develop mold and mildew problems.  This leads to a healthier environment for your family.

Proper Installation Is Important

If the carpet is not stretched properly when installed, it may take months or even years before you start to notice a problem. Signs of improper installation may occur when the carpets are cleaned. If you notice more than a little wrinkling, chances are your carpets were not power stretched. Most present-day carpets require power stretching.  A good way to check if your carpet has been installed correctly is to go to the center of the room with a pair of pliers, grab the carpet and lift if the carpet doesn’t snap back down quickly when you let go it was not properly installed or stretched correctly.

If the carpet was not measured correctly for the space, there may be too much carpet in the area where the wrinkling occurs. When purchasing new carpets, be sure to check references and get several estimates. Have a couple of carpet layers measure your room to make sure you are getting the correct amount of carpet for your room.

Wrinkly carpets don’t have to wrinkle your outlook. With proper installation and care, the beauty and life of your carpet will be extended.

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