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    Thank you for visiting our carpet cleaning blog. Here we hope you find the help you need through articles on all things carpet and upholstery care. We have provided articles on everything from spot tips to carpet care and recommended products. You will also find how-to videos and articles, information on carpet warranties, and even articles on picking out new carpets.

    Joni Scudder writes our carpet cleaning blog. She has been working in the industry since 1995 and utilizes the latest information coming out for the industry, her experience, and the experiences of our carpet technicians to write and provide relevant content. Please feel free to reach out to her with questions at joniscudder@pristinecarpetcleaning-co.com.

    Disclaimer: Pristine Carpet Cleaning & Authors are not liable for any damages resulting from the use of the information provided in these blog posts.

  • We've seen it all! Have you ever worried that your carpets are the worst that your cleaner has ever seen? We are happy to share that your home is likely just well lived in. We have seen many things over the years. Some would make you cringe, and others will leave you shaking your head in laughter. In fact, we’d love to share some of the funny stories with you. We hope you enjoy this carpet [...]

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    Recently, Sally left a review about a pet odor problem that she paid for. The odor remained and she was very unhappy with the results. As soon as I saw the review I attempted to reach her by email and phone. She was still under our 30-day guarantee and the service that she paid for occasionally requires more than one treatment in order to completely eradicate the problem. After w quick chat [...]

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    Commercial Carpet Cleaning

    We can provide commercial cleaning at this time. Prices for commercial cleaning have been adjusted to $0.40/square foot and include sanitizer.First impressions are important, and office spaces are no different. A clean office gives your customers a sense of peace which can translate into trust. Whereas, a dirty facility can leave potential clients wondering if the quality of your work is reflected[...]

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