• Covid-19

    The Coronavirus is all anyone is talking about. We are hearing daily of new measures being put in place to help contain the virus, and also to help the economy. Store shelves are missing essentials like toilet paper and soap, as well as some food items. It is hard to ignore what is happening.

  • We want to protect you

    We want our customers to know that we are taking measures to ensure your safety. First, it is important that if any member of your home is sick with flu-like symptoms to call us to reschedule your appointment. We will waive our cancelation fee if you are rescheduling due to illness. Second, our cleaners have been asked to stay home if they are sick. In addition to these precautions, we are allowing all office staff to work from home, and our cleaners are coming in to get their supplies, and leaving directly to clean carpets. This minimizes in-shop contact. Our cleaners wash their hands frequently to ensure they are not passing around bacteria. We also clean the equipment after each appointment. Furthermore, all cleaning prices have been adjusted to include sanitizer. Lastly, we have made masks available to our cleaners if they need them. 

    When our cleaners are in your home or office please avoid shaking their hands and maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet apart. In order to have a little contact as possible we also have a pre-pay special that allows for no contact and offers great savings. Check out www.pristinecarpetcleaning-co.com/special-offer for more details.

    If you have traveled please wait 14 days before scheduling your service.

  • Message from the owners

  • CDC Precautions

    The CDC claims the most important things we can do to protect each other is to wash our hands regularly, avoid touching your face, stay home if you feel sick. Avoid shaking hands. Make sure to regularly disinfect door nobs, hard surfaces, and railings. In addition, do not forget to clean your cell phones. Cell phones are frequently held up to the face and are handled continuously. Also, if you are sick make sure that you sneeze or cough into your elbow. Doing so will help to prevent the virus by hand contact.

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