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  • Area Rug Cleaning

  • Specialty Rugs

    You spent a lot of time picking out colors, design, materials, and the knot count when you decided to invest in a high-end rug. As such, it follows that you would do the same thing when picking out a professional to help clean and maintain the rug. Handwoven rugs like Bokharas require special care, and the area rug cleaner should be familiar with the rug fabrics used to create the beautiful, masterpiece.

    Oriental and Persian rugs of this caliber require very delicate cleaning methods. The method should protect against fraying and other common problems that can come up with area rugs. Not all of them should be put into a rug wash. The dyes used to create specialty rugs are often derived from plants and insects. Sometimes they are synthetic but in either case, they may not be indelible. If the colors can bleed it is important that a low moisture method is employed to make sure the colors to not run and damage the rug. In addition, putting heavy equipment on rugs or cleaning them out on the driveway is a good way to harm the rug. Heavy equipment can destroy the alignment of the rug. While cleaning a rug on a driveway exposes it to chemicals and oils that can both stain and absorb into the rug causing permanent damage to the materials. Quality area rug cleaners will not offer to clean your rug outside on your driveway.

  • Pricing Transparency

    Quality cleaning and accurate pricing are important to us. We provide free in-home estimates to ensure that correct pricing for your specialty rug. Our cleaning process for these carpets are based on many factors. First, we look at the knot count, the materials used to weave the rug, and the color indelibility. Once the quality of the rug is established, we can properly provide exact pricing and a comprehensive cleaning plan for the individual rug. This plan takes into account stains, odors, and any mold or mildew issues the carpet may have. If the rug has pet odor problem it may require additional time in our facility as these particular problems are more difficult to remove due to the weave and tightness of the knots. 

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  • Rug Cleaning Process

    Specialty rugs are hand cleaned to preserve alignment. It also protects against color fading or bleeding. Hand cleaning is the preferred cleaning method for Persian, Oriental, Durry, Indian, and handwoven rugs. We provide a very thorough, and gentle area rug cleaning service. Service includes:

    • Gentle brushing removes dust and dirt
    • Stains receive pre-treatment
    • Cleaning removes excess oils and greases
    • Apply protective coating* 
    • Dry

    Do not set furniture back on your rugs until they are completely dry. Some furniture have wood stains that can transfer to a damp rug. In the same way do not put anything with metal legs on the rugs because rust can develop.

  • Rug Cleaning Experience

    Our in-house rug specialists has extensive knowledge of these rugs and their care. 

    Note: If storing your rugs, keep them in a dry location. If pet odor is present that can add an additional $2.00 per square foot to the area rug cleaning price. Pet urine issues may also require added cleaning time. 

    * The protective coating helps to prevent wear and tear and extends the life of the carpet.

    * Documents showing insurance coverage is available upon request.

  • Area Rug Cleaning Prices

    Area rug cleaning prices depend on many factors including fiber type, weaving, backing, color indelibility, and size. The average price for specialty rug cleaning starts at  $3.00 per square foot and goes up to $10.00 per square foot for rugs that contain silk. These prices include cleaning but do not include pet odor removal when pet issues are present in the rug.



  • We currently do not offer storefront drop off.

    Our cleaning facility is not manned during the day, and so we do not have the ability to accept store front drop offs, or pick ups. We will call when your rug is finished and schedule a time to deliver it to you. 

  • Carpet Repair

    While we specialize in area rug cleaning, we do not provide repair services. Our area rug cleaners do not have the training, or equipment to repair area rugs.

  • Standard rugs

    Rugs made from synthetic fibers have a strong jute backing, and a short pile is considered standard. These rugs typically do not require hand cleaning. Carpets meeting these standards may be cleaned inside your home. In contrast to specialty rugs, standard rugs start at $0.35 per square foot and increase based on the desire for sanitization, and carpet protection.


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