• Commercial Carpet Cleaning

  • Fast - Flexible - Safe

    If you are looking for a commercial carpet cleaning you've come to the right place. We know the importance of keeping your workspace clean, and comfortable for both your employees and customers. Our green carpet cleaning products are hypo-allergenic, dry quickly, and help to improve indoor conditions by reducing allergens, dust and dirt. Which will give your business a bright and refreshed look. Which not only helps improve employee morale but also helps you stand out to your customers.

    Whether you are looking for a one-time cleaning, or need to set up a commercial carpet cleaning contract, Pristine Carpet Cleaning has the products, and services to meet your commercial cleaning needs. We provide professional, quality service at an affordable rate, with outstanding results. Not to mention our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • Benefits

    • Daytime and after hours scheduling options
    • Quick-drying time of 2-4 hours
    • Hypo-allergenic products
    • Reduce allergens & improves the work environment
    • Safe Products
    • Environmentally Friendly
    • Affordable
    • Fast availability

    We provide cleaning services for area rugs, carpets, and office upholstery. 

  • Request a free quote

    Request a free quote

    Request a free quote

  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning Prices

    Our commercial cleaning prices start at $0.30 per square foot with a minimum order of $150.00.  Please let our office personnel know if you will need an after-hours appointment when you call about pricing.

    Our basic commercial cleaning prices include vacuuming, pre-treatment for spots and stains, carpet cleaning, and a 30-day guarantee.  In addition to our basic cleaning, we also offer optional products such as soil retardant, red out, and sanitizers. Thes products are not included in the basic carpet cleaning price. If you interested in any of these products please let the service representative know at the time of estimate. He will be able to provide you with a complete break down of service pricing thus allowing you to pick the products and services that work best for you.

  • Optional Products

    • Soil Retardant: $0.15 per square foot. This product protects the carpet and helps to slow wear and tear.
    • Sanitizer: $40.00 per bottle. One bottle covers between 200-400 square feet. Sanitizer is used to remove odors, kill bacteria, and mold and mildew.
    • Injections: $10 each. This is use for urine problems
    • Red Out: $1 per square inch. This product is very specific to removing red stains like wine, red soda, or Kool-aid. It cannot remove dark wood furniture stains.
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