• Pet Odor Removal

  • We love our pets, but they don’t always love our carpets.

    Pristine Carpet Cleaning offers a comprehensive pet odor removal process. We offer the best carpet cleaning for pets. Our products are safe for animals and provide the best odor removal results we have seen. 

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  • Odor Removal

  • Products

    Oily skin, urine, and fecal matter cause pet odor. We use two different products to treat pet odors. First is our general sanitizer. This product is good for the occasional accident and that musky wet dog smell. The second product is an injectable. Carpet padding absorbs urine like a sponge. The injectable takes the treatment into the padding and subflooring eliminating odor at the source. 

    These two products do not remove stains. Unfortunately, urine contains acids that can change the color of the carpet fiber. Delaying spot cleaning or using the wrong products can cause the stain to be permanent. For this reason, we do not charge extra for spot treatment. Treating spots at the time of occurrence will greatly reduce the risks of the spot becoming permanent. We recommend that you treat urine problems with a mixture of white vinegar and water to help prevent permanent staining.

  • Pet Odor Elimination

    We guarantee odor removal when:

    • Your cleaner will assess the carpeted areas and locate problem spots. After the evaluation is complete, they will recommend a course of treatment.
    •  Please note odors caused by urine are only guaranteed when both sanitizer and injections are used.
    • Use the recommended treatment provided by your cleaner to receive the 30-day pet odor elimination guarantee.
    • Odor elimination is not an exact science. Sometimes it takes a couple of treatments to eradicate the problem. The products must be allowed to run their four-day course. If you still smell the pet odor after 4 days you need a retreat. Call us as soon as possible to schedule a return visit. We will return as many times as needed within 30 days of the original cleaning at no additional charge. This time frame allows for about four to five treatments.
    • The guarantee does not cover odors coming from your air vents, damage to your walls,  or other hard surfaces in your home. However, we can help you locate these problem areas, and recommend products to take care of them.


    There are two products used for pet odor removal, the first is a general sanitizer which runs $40/200-400 square feet of carpet depending on severity. The second is an injection treatment. This is used in areas where the pet has frequented. The injections cannot be priced over the phone because we need to evaluate the carpet to see if they are needed and how many are required. Injections are $10 per injection. 


    Pet odor treatment will not change the territorial behavior of your pet. If the behavior continues despite your efforts, your pet may need additional training. Check with your veterinarian for additional recommendations. In the meantime check out the following links.

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