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  • Pet Odor Removal

  • Have a carpet that looks and smells pristine!

  • Safe for Kids & Pets

  • Guaranteed

  • Fresh Scent

  • Pets are such a huge part of our families, and we know you want the very best for them! When you have Pristine treat the carpets for pet stains and odors you can be sure your pets, and family are safe.

    • Hypoallergenic
    • Non-toxic
    • Environmentally friendly
  • If you are asking, "How can I remove dog urine odor from carpet?" We have the solution.

    Whether it is dog or a cat urine problem, we have the right products to remove the odor!

  • Odor Removal Products & Costs

    • Pet Odor Nuetralizer

      $40 per 200-400 square feet of the carpet treated depending on severity.

    • Injections

      $12 per injection covers about 6 inches to 1 foot in diameter. Injections are used to treat heavy urine problems in the carpet. When pets frequent the same areas they can breach the padding at hit the sub-floor. If you do not treat the area all the way down to the floor boards than the odor will remain. Treating the area by injection is very effective at removing odors deep within the carpet, and padding. 

    • Time Frames

      Odor elimination is not an exact science. Sometimes it takes a 4-5 treatments to eradicate the problem. 

  • Odor Removal Guarantee

    We guarantee odor removal when:

    • Your cleaner will assess the carpeted areas and locate problem spots. After the evaluation is complete, they will recommend a course of treatment.
    • Use the recommended treatment provided by your cleaner to receive the 30-day pet odor elimination guarantee. Odors caused by urine are only guaranteed when both sanitizer and injections are used.
    • The products must be allowed to run their four-day course. If you still smell the pet odor after 4 days you need a retreat. Call us as soon as possible to schedule a return visit. We will return as many times as needed within 30 days of the original cleaning at no additional charge. This time frame allows for about four to five treatments.
    • The guarantee does not cover odors coming from your air vents, damage to your walls,  or other hard surfaces in your home. However, we can help you locate these problem areas, and recommend products to take care of them.
  • Finding the Odors

    We use two different methods to locate where odors are coming from.

    1. Black light
    2. We stick our noses in the carpet. 
  • Pet Spots

  • Pet spots can encompass a wide variety of problems on the carpet. They can be from tracking in soil, to problems such as feces, vomit, and urine. Pre-treatment for pet spots is always included in our basic cleaning prices. Due to the nature of certain problems spots we cannot always guarantee to be able to remove them. Urine and fecal matter can permanently change the color of the carpet fibers. Our cleaners will do their best to remove the spots, and walk you through spot treatment tips to help you remove future spots, and prevent permanent spots when accidents do occur. 

  • Spot & Odor Removal Reviews

  • Now I know why we need a professional to do this…

    We just moved into the house with all carpets on, we don’t have pet but the previous owner had a dog and rarely take them outside (so you could probably imagine what would going on here). Before the Pristine Carpet (RJ is the guy) come, I can smell the bad kind go pet odor every time I sit in the living room or walk pass the area…so it wasn’t very pleasant that time we tried to steam clean and vacuum it many time using baking soda or those solution for steam cleaning for pet odor, they still wasn’t work. But after Pristine carpet come, we couldn’t detect the smell anymore. That was the good move! Thank you! They provide very good service and very thoughtful and when they analyze what’s going on, they investigated very carefully and work very nicely during the cleaning parts as well.
    However, that require the extra treatment for this case since there was a pet odor issue, but it is totally worth it. So, if you happen to have the pet odor that you need to get rid of, don’t try but corners to just do normal clean, since those pet odor can be more powerful than you would think. We are glad we hired Pristine to help, so we can finally stay in a living room now! I would totally recommend this to anyone.

    Jom Naknakorn Facebook

  • I thought I was going to have to replace my carpets after moving out of a place due to pet stains and odors. They were able to get it all so well that during my move out inspection my landlord mentioned several times how great the carpets looked and how great of a job they did. Thanks so much for saving me!!

    Stefani Barstow Facebook

  • Disclaimer

    Pet odor treatment will not change the territorial behavior of your pet. If the behavior continues despite your efforts, your pet may need additional training. Check with your veterinarian for additional recommendations. In the meantime check out the following links:

    5 Reasons Cats Stop Using the Litter Box

    Tips for How to Housetrain Your Puppy



  • You don't have to live with pet urine odor.

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    What are you waiting for?

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  • Pet odor Removal Review Video

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