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What should I do if my home floods?

If you live in Colorado you may be reeling from the effects of the flood, and wondering what to do, or who to call if your home was flooded during the recent rain storms. It can be difficult to know just where to start when you are looking at damages, and trying to put all the pieces back together.

Access the damage.

Get out your camera. Take a lot of pictures to help document everything. Email the pictures to yourself, and create a folder for them. This will give you an online backup should anything happen to your camera, or computer. If your home has minor damage; the carpet got wet but is already dry, seriously consider cleaning, and sanitizing it. This ensures that mold and mildew do not take hold.

Call your insurance company right away

If your carpet was underwater, the damage is done. Insurance companies have rules about how long you have to notify them regarding flood damage. If you put it off, you may not be covered, so do not wait.
Just because you call them, does not mean you have to make a claim. However, you should notify them that you have had flooding, and are getting estimates to access the damage.
If you do not end up using your insurance company to fix the damage, make sure you ask them for a letter of explanation. Your insurance company will open a file on you when you call in. This file may reflect as a claim to another insurance companies even if you do not go through your insurance to fix the damage. Getting a letter of explanation lets other companies know that you didn’t make a claim, and insures you get the best rates later should you need to shop around.

Call a company that specializes in flood damage and restoration to do the work.

With all the damage, it may be a while before they can get out to your home. If this is the case, it may be necessary to pull up the carpet and pad so that your subflooring can dry. The longer the floor stays wet the more damage takes place, and mold will start growing. If you are hoping to salvage the carpet, do not cut it when pulling it up. Do not throw anything away until your insurance company has had eyes on it. Store it in your garage or out of the way. Again take lots of pictures, and document everything. Email the pictures to yourself, and create a folder for them. This will give you an online backup should anything happen to your camera or computer.
We hope that this information assists you as you and your family recover from a flood.

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