• girl-467707_640One of the benefits of owning my own carpet cleaning business is being able to homeschool my children. I love that I can spend time with them on a daily basis. We do lessons at the dining table in between calls, and emails. Sometimes we go on field trips or make art projects. Every now and then, I am rewarded with more than just hugs, and comments of being the best mommy ever! I love that, by the way.

    Two days ago my four year old started to ask, “Mommy, I have never seen a kitty being born. I want to see it.”

    I didn’t think much about her request at first. Kids come up with random things all the time, but she persisted and kept asking all day long. I told her that we might be able to figure something out, but it’s not like we have a pregnant cat, I explained. “You will have to be patient while I find a video or something.”

    Of course, I already knew I could find a video on Youtube.  I just needed a little time to process her request and make sure that it was age appropriate. After a day of thinking, I decided that it would be okay to let her watch a video.

    At bedtime she again asked when she could see a kitty being born. I told her to wait while I grabbed my kindle and brought up a video. I previewed it quickly, and decided it would work.  My curious child climbed into my lap, and we sat and watched it together. She asked some questions here and there, and when the video was complete, I asked my lovely princess, “What did you learn?” Her response was succinct.

    “I learned that I never want to see that again. That’s gross!”  The look of disgust on her face and her crossed arms only accentuated the words. In this moment I received my reward. It wasn’t a hug, or a thank you. It was a moment of laughter, and that is one of the best parts of being a parent.

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