• The pet hair monster

    When we decided to get two black labs, I had no idea I would be waging a war with pet hair. I have had dogs that shed before, but labs must be a special type of dog. They seem to shed more than any other breed I have previously dealt with.

    I constantly struggle to keep on top of the hair monster that has taken over my home.  I hate, hate, hate having to cut their hair out of the vacuum beater bar. Did I mention hate?

    Do you struggle with the same problem?

    If you are like me, fighting the hair monster; I have some fantastic news for you. There are some simple ways to remove the hair from your carpet. They will save your vacuum, and time.  Here are two highly effective ways to remove the fur. We’ll includes some links below where you can purchase these tools.

    Use a carpet rake to brush the carpet before you vacuum.

    This fantastic tool grabs the hair and allows you to remove it easily from your carpet. It also has some other benefits as well. It knocks loose dust and dirt, and it lifts up the nap of the carpet to make it look really pretty again. You can also count on a good arm work out; I guarantee you will burn some calories as you use this tool.

    Use a squeegee.

    If you don’t have a carpet rake, a window squeegee will also work. Attach a long broom handle to your squeegee window-wiper-62370_640and run it over the carpet, or get down on your hands and knees and scrape the carpet. I prefer to stand as it is easier on my lower back. The results are fantastic, it forms the hair into a pile for easy pick up.

    Each of these methods have some benefits and drawbacks. Using a squeegee will grab the hair, but it isn’t as effective as lifting the nap, or knocking loose dust and dirt. On the other hand, it is not necessary to clean out the brush. The tradeoff may be worth it.

    Of course, if you brush you dog regularly, it will also help cut down on the amount of fur flying around.

    As a side note, the squeegee and brush method also work on upholstery. I recommend using either a horse hair brush or a Tampico peanut brush on your upholstery.

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