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Pet odor treatmentPet Odor Treatment

We lover our pets, but they don’t always love our carpets. Pristine Carpet Cleaning offers a comprehensive odor removal process to treat and remove pet odors.

We guarantee odor removal when:

  • Your cleaner will assess the areas, and may use a black light to help locate problem spots. Once the assessment is completed you will be given recommendations for treatment options. Please note: For urine problems we can only guarantee pet odor elimination when both the general sanitizer, and injections are used.
  • Use the recommended treatment prescribed by your cleaner to receive the pet odor elimination guarantee. The service is guaranteed for 30 days.
  • Pet Odor treatment is not an exact science. Sometimes it takes a couple of treatments to eradicate the problem. The products must be allowed to run their four day course. If you still smell the pet odor after 4 days you need a retreat. Call us as soon as possible to schedule a time for us to come back out. We will return as many times as needed within 30 days of the original cleaning at no additional charge. This time frame allows for about four to five treatments.
  • The guarantee does not cover odors coming from your air vents, damage to your walls,  or other hard surfaces in your home caused by your pets. However, we can help you locate these problem areas, and recommend products to take care of them.

Disclaimer: Pet odor treatment will not change the territorial behavior of your pet. If the behavior continues your pet may need additional training. Check with your veterinarian for additional recommendations.

Now offering Ozone Odor Removal Treatments. More information will be available online soon. For now just ask your service rep. for details.

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If the odors are not that bad you may wish to try some DIY first. Check out our page on how to treat pet urine.