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Why Spot? Why?

This may be a common question for your dog, but it certainly isn’t one you want to be asking your carpet. Have you ever cleaned your carpets only to have the spots come back a week or two later? Sometimes they even look worse than they did before; but why does this happen? There are two primary reasons why spots return after you cleaned them.

But the Spot Came Back the Very Next Day…

The first reason is called wicking. This takes place when a spill penetrates to the backing of the carpet. As you clean the surface of the carpet, the spot looks like it is gone. However, once the carpet starts to dry, the spot that hasn’t been completely removed from the backing starts to work its way back to the surface of the carpet. It is similar to how oil moves along a wick. Most often these spots will return to the surface within a couple of days. To correct this problem, make sure that the spot has been completely removed from the backing. This can be tricky because you can’t see it, but typically all you need to do is re-clean the area one more time. Very rarely will you need to clean the area more than twice.

It’s all about the products you use

The second reason spots return is all about the product you used to remove the spot. Many products available in stores have a petroleum base. Products that use an oil or petroleum base are great for making the carpet look amazing at first, but within two weeks to a month they will leave you scratching your head.  You may wonder if the spot actually looks worse that it did before. Oil based products leave a residue in the carpet that attracts dirt. Once oily products are in the carpet the only way to stop the cycle is to use a cleaner that breaks down oils.  Until the oils are removed from the carpet, the spots will keep returning.

Spot Cleaning the Best Way

The best thing to spot clean with is white vinegar and water. Mix it half and half in a spray bottle, and use it for spot cleaning the carpet and upholstery in your home. It also makes a great cleaner for windows, and hard surfaces..