• Unsightly Stairs

    The stairs in a home take a ton of abuse. Often they become dark, and you can see the path in which people walk very distinctly. Carpets mat down, and crevices catch all sorts of things that vacuums don’t always pick up. This cleaning tip will help you keep your stairs looking great.

    Now, let me preface this by saying my husband and I purchased a fixer-upper, and the carpets need replacing. However, when it comes to showing how well this tip works there is nothing better than an older dirty carpet.

    Brush the Stairs

    Brushing the steps is an important part of carpet maintenance, removing excess hair and dirt. Oils from feet and shoes often cause dirt to stick to carpet fibers. Dirt has half the cutting power of glass. Therefore we tend to notice that the nap of the carpet lays flat, and becomes dark and matted over time. Employing this practice will lift the nap, and help to extend the life of the carpet.


    • Start at the top of the steps and brush the stairs in a forward motion drawing the brush towards you.
    • Angle the rush to get into the corners and creases of the stairs to grab fur and items that are often left behind by the vacuum.
    • Spend about 1-3 minutes brushing each step.
    • Work downward until all steps have been brushed
    • Vacuum

    The Tampico brush that I mentioned can be found on amazon for under $10.00. Link to purchase is below.

    The two brushes shown are a plastic cleaning brush and a natural fiber Tampico brush. While you can use both on the carpet I recommend getting the Tampico brush which can also be used on upholstery. Do not use a plastic brush on upholstery as it can damage it.

    Here are some pictures of the finished stairs so you can see how well they turned out.

    Again I ,recommend the Tampico brush, but either of these will work for stairs. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

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