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    Don't forget to sanitize one of the most used areas of your home. Carpet and upholstery are a hub for germs, bacteria, and viruses. Whatever comes in on feet and paws is in your carpet where children often play. Have you sanitized the carpet yet?

    With the COVID-19 outbreak, we are offering some amazing savings on carpet cleaning and it includes sanitizing!

    This pre-paid special offers a significant discount over standard cleaning prices. Savings range from $39 to $80 off depending on how many rooms you purchase. You can take advantage of the savings now, and clean when you are ready, whether that is now with safety protocols in place, or a few months from now.


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     To purchase over the phone call 303.993.6751

  • Specials

    • 2 rooms

      Limit 25 - $99.00

    • 3 rooms

      Limit 30 - $139.00

    • 4 rooms

      Limit 30 - $179.00

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  • Fine Print

    Limit one per customer, per household. Sanitizer is included. Max 300 square feet per room. Living and dining combinations are considered two rooms. Leftover square footage may not be applied to additional areas. Customers may exchange one room for 14 steps. Prices include most furniture moving, vacuuming, pre-treatment for spots and spills, the basic non-residue dry cleaning service, and our 30-day guarantee. Prices do not include optional products such as soil retardant, pet odor treatment, injections, or red stain removal. NOT VALID WITH OTHER OFFERS, OR DISCOUNTS.

    Residential properties only.

  • Appointments & Protocols

    Currently, we are still running appointments, and have put protocols in place to help minimize the chances of infection. We recommend that you review these before scheduling your appointment. If anyone in your house is sick, or has traveled internationally please wait the 14 days before scheduling your appointment.

    Once the technician arrives please refrain from shaking hands, and keep a distance of 6 feet back. You may walk them through the areas to be cleaned and point out areas of concern. After that it is best if you remain out of the room, or at minimum 6 feet away. 


  • Learn what we are doing to protect against the coronavirus.

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    Corona Virus Safety Protocals

    Corona Virus Safety Protocals

    Learn what we are doing to protect against the coronavirus.

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