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    If you have a Persian, Indian, Oriental, or hand woven rug you already know these rugs need special care.

    Our cleaning process for these rugs is very thorough, and gentle. All specialty rugs are hand cleaned to preserve the quality, and stability of the rug. This prevents the rug from being knocked out of alignment.

    • Brushing: We use a special brush to remove dust, and dirt.
    • Pre-treatment: All spots are pretreated to insure the best spot removal possible.
    • Cleaning: We use a special cleaning product that is designed to remove excess oils, and greases that hold, and trap the soil to the carpet. This product emulsifies the oils and dirt.
    • Sanitation: Each rug receives a treatment which kills germs, bacteria, removes fungal spores, and odors.
    • Protection: Once the cleaning process is finished the rugs are given a special coating that helps to protect against wear, and tear, extending the life of the rug.
    • Wrapping: Once cleaning is complete your rug is wrapped for delivery. Rugs are wrapped in paper to allow air flow. This allows you to store your rug for longer periods. Note: If storing your rug you will need to keep it in a dry location.

    Pricing for specialty rugs is between $2.50 – $4.50 per square foot. This price includes your pick-up and delivery fee. Rugs require 10 days to go through the complete cleaning process.

    *We are fully insured. Documents showing coverage are available upon request.

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