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Spring Cleaning Time is Here
Spring Cleaning Time is Here

As the spring sun streams through my window each year, I begin to think of spring cleaning. Waiting until spring to do deep cleaning is a tradition that goes way back. However, what if we could keep up with our cleaning so that we could avoid spending extra time, and going to extreme measures when spring arrives? What if we could keep our major cleaning under control during the year by cleaning on a daily basis? Now that would be an amazing feat!

This past year, I  struggled to keep up with all the cleaning that has to be done around my house. With two kids, 2 cats, a dog, and a husband, it can be a difficult task when I also work and homeschool my youngest. I did a little research on some of the best ways to maximize my cleaning time.  That way I won’t feel overwhelmed by all the extra deep cleaning and chores. I Following a few simple steps can really cut down on your cleaning time.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Each Day:

  1. Make your bed as soon as you get up in the morning. It’s a great way to feel like you’ve already accomplished something, and it only takes a couple of short moments to get it done.
  2. After brushing your teeth and finishing up with your makeup, take a quick moment to wipe down the toilet and the sink with a Lysol wipe.
  • On your way out of the room,  grab your laundry basket and head to the hall. Ask the kids to toss in any clothes that they have that are dirty, and assuming you have enough for a load, start a wash cycle.
  • Unload and put away dishes from the dishwasher.
  • Have each person wash their breakfast dishes as soon as they are done eating.  Have them dry their dishes, and put them away. Do this with each meal/snack.
  • Quickly wipe down the counters and the table.
  • Take out the trash when you leave the house.
  • Take ten-minute clutter breaks during the day to pick up clutter and put it where it belongs, and have the kids do the same in their rooms.
  • Don’t forget to switch the laundry over. Fold them and put them away immediately. Need a fun and quick way to inspire your kids? Check out this video
  • After meals have everyone rinse and put the dishes in the dishwasher.

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Spring Cleaning Time is Here

Follow the daily cleaning format

Monday – Vacuum/Sweep & mop

Tuesday – Cleaning toilets & showers/tubs

Wednesdays – Dust & wash windows

Thursdays – Vacuum/Sweep & mop

Friday – Clean out the fridge – wipe out the oven & microwave

Saturday – Wipe down baseboards

Sunday – Vacuum/Sweep & mop

On the 15th of the month – Clean above the cabinets, if they don’t go all the way to the ceiling. Press and seal cling wrap at the top of your cabinets to catch cooking oils.  Just remove and replace when you clean on the 15th.

On the 30th of each month pick a room to declutter. Go through clothing, books, and items not being used and donate them.

Of course, not everyone has pets and kids. You may find you don’t need to vacuum or sweep as often, and if that is the case feel free to split up a few of the other chores into the extra day. As carpet cleaners, we recommend vacuuming 2-3 times a week. This really helps to keep the carpets looking fresh. Make sure to spot clean as accidents happen so that stains are not permanent. Check out our emergency spot tips to make sure you use the right spot treatment. Using the right products is just as important as cleaning up the spots when you see them.

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