• The protective stain guard coating DOES NOT prevent stains.

    Contrary to the title, a stain guard doesn’t prevent stains.  Instead, it prevents absorption into the carpet. However, the effectiveness of stain guard can be negated by scrubbing.

    If a spill occurs on the carpet, resist the urge to scrub.

    Scrubbing pushes the liquid deeper into the fabric and negates the protective coating.  This will make spills harder to remove. It may also set the stain. Instead, blot up the spill. If the spot is already dry, use a spray bottle of half and half white distilled vinegar, and water to dampen the area. Let it sit for a minute or two, and use a sponge to blot up the moisture.

    Cleaning your rug removes the stain guard coating.

    Surprise!! Using anything to clean spots, aside from the vinegar and water mixture will remove the stain guard coating. This includes any type of spot cleaners, carpet cleaning solutions, and regular carpet cleaning service.

    The stain guard coating wears off.

    As you travel across your rug every day you are slowly removing the stain guard coating. With brand new carpet this coating should last approximately 2 year with light traffic (2 people), 1.5 years with medium traffic (family of 4), and 1 year with heavy traffic (+4 people, or 2-3 people with pets). Once the allotted time has elapsed it is time to clean. Remember to reapply the coating, or spots may set into stains, and wear will appear more quickly.

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    Carpets not cleaned when recommended may develop stains, and wear patterns.

    Cleaning carpet cannot remove wear patterns. It is damage caused by friction as the carpet fibers are frayed apart by walk. The stain guard coating seals the fibers to help slow the development of wear patterns, leading to a longer carpet life.

    traffic patters

    Wear pattern. While cleaning has improved the walking path some wear still remains.

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