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What Carpet Cleaner is Best for Cat Urine in Denver?

When Cat Odors Leave the Litterbox

Cat urine odors can be powerful, and unhealthy to breathe in. However, as they are so powerful it is also difficult to remove them. Many families struggle to know what carpet cleaning company in Denver is best at removing cat urine. For severe cat urine odors, just cleaning the carpet is not going to remove the odor.

Why is Cat Urine so Difficult to Remove?

Most carpet cleaning companies use deodorizing products that work on general odors like smoke, wet dog smell, mustiness, and light pet odors. However, a lot of deodorizer treatments are more of a perfume than an actual deodorizer. They help mask the odors until the carpet is dry. When the carpet is wet, odors will be more noticeable. Most deodorizers do not have the ability to break down what is causing the cat pee odor.

What is in Cat Urine that Causes the Strong Odor?

Cat’s urine has a unique composition of uric acid, urea, electrolytes, creatine, pheromones, bacteria, and urobilinogen. Initially, cat pee doesn’t smell that strong, but as it breaks down there is a chemical reaction that takes place created by the uric acid. The breakdown of the urine produces the ammonia odor, cats are known for. Cat’s also produces Ketones that add to the odor production.

What Kind of Treatment is Required to Remove the Odor?

In order to truly remove the smell of cat urine, it is important to use a product that breaks down the chemical composition of the uric acids, and ammonia. The byproducts of urine must be broken down to remove the odor. If the deodorizing treatment can not break down the chemical composition, the odor will remain. Occasionally, improperly treating the urine will make the smell worse.

Additionally, when improperly treated water will cause the urine to spread out, and cause more problems. Hot water extraction alone is not going to remove the uric acid and ammonia. If you try to treat cat urine with a home cleaner you are more likely to exacerbate the problem.

How Does Pristine Carpet Cleaning work on Cat Urine?

Pristine Carpet Cleaning of Denver offers the best and most thorough examination and treatment for problem carpets. Technicians will use a black light to examine the carpets and walls for signs of marking, and urination. Most cats mark along the walls. After locating problem spots the cleaner will confirm his findings by performing a sniff test by getting close to the carpet and making sure the area in question is indeed the location where the odor is coming from.

Once the assessment has been made, our odor removal product is used to treat the affected areas. This product is highly effective at breaking down the uric acids and ammonia in cat pee. We apply the urine treatment in two different ways. First, we add it to the cleaning solution to reach any areas that the urine may spread to as the carpet gets wet. Second, we inject the treatment directly to areas where the cat pee has saturated the carpet and padding.

Our Product and Process Allow us to Guarantee Odor Removal AS LONG as Customers Follow the Recommended Treatment.

Occasionally, more than one treatment is necessary. Technicians are usually able to let customers know if they will need additional treatments, and any return visit is covered at no additional charge within the first 30 days for all of our Denver and surrounding area customers. We recommend waiting 3 days between treatments to let the products have time to work.

How Safe is the Urine Treatment for My Family & Pets?

Very safe. Our family has a lot of allergies and chemical sensitivities. We specifically chose our products for their safety and low reactivity. Additionally, they are also environmentally safe!

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