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Why is My Carpet Crunchy
Why is My Carpet Crunchy

Is your carpet crunchy? If you notice that your once soft carpet feels like you are walking on a crackling mess, it’s time to evaluate your rug. There are several questions that you should ask to drill down to the root cause.

  1. Did you just clean the carpet?
  2. Did you put a protective coating on the carpet?
  3. Was something spilled on the carpet, what was it, and how long ago?
  4. Were there any issues with recent water leakage or spills?

Crunchy carpet can be caused by many different problems from mold and bacterial growth to sticky liquids that have dried in the carpet. Even cleaning products that have been used can cause crunchiness if not properly removed.

Just Cleaned

If you just cleaned the carpet it is possible that a couple of things could have affected the outcome. The first is that the cleaning product was left in the rug and was not properly rinsed out. Cleaning products that are non-residue will not cause this problem. However, products like soap that are designed to be rinsed, will leave the carpet crunchy if not properly rinsed. The other problem could be the product itself. Cleaning products that contain petroleum will leave a residue regardless of how well it is rinsed. These products will leave a carpet looking bright and shiny at first, but over time will draw dirt like a magnet back to the rug. This will make it seem like the carpet is getting dirty much faster, and the dirt build-up can cause a crunchy feeling.

Carpet Protection

Carpet protection is always recommended when you clean your carpet. When a carpet is new it comes with a special coating to help with clean up and diminish the effects of wear and tear. This protection wears off over time and comes off completely when the carpet is cleaned. When it is reapplied to the carpet, the carpet will feel stiffer than it did prior to the application. Because the replacement protection cannot be applied the same way the manufacturer does, the product structure is different. The stiffness will soften back up as the carpet is walked on, but you may notice that for the first couple of weeks the carpet isn’t as plush as it was prior to cleaning.

Was Something Spilled?

Spills We all know sugar is sticky. If something sticky is spilled on the carpet, even if cleaned up, it may leave some residue behind. A stiff carpet can be an indication that something still remains in the carpet. We recommend a mixture of half and half distilled white vinegar and water to clean the area. Gently work it into the rug and use a shop-vac or a personal cleaner to suction the area. Remember not to scrub hard. If you do not have the

proper equipment it can cause the carpet to fray. The vinegar will help break down the sugars, and a good rinse will further help to remove what is causing the crackling between your toes.

Large Spills or Leaks

If you had a large spill or leak in the area, even if it was months ago, it could cause the carpet to become stiff. Large spills should always be treated for potential mold and bacterial growth. Let’s face it carpets harbor dust, dirt, food particles, fecal particles, and even chemicals dragged in off our shoes. When a large spill or leak happens it creates the perfect breeding ground for mold, mildew, and bacteria to grow. As they grow they can cause the carpet to become stiff and crunchy. This stiffness may also be accompanied by a must smell. Mustiness is always an indication of a problem.

Not only does this feel unpleasant, but it is also a health hazard, and should be taken care of. Higher a professional to come out to both clean and sanitize/disinfect the area. It is very important that the rug is treated for potential mold and mildew, otherwise, the problem will not go away.  It may improve by cleaning, but if not treated for the bacteria, mold, or mildew will return with time.

Important things to know:

A carpet should never be wet longer than 24 hours without receiving a mold mitigation treatment. In most cases, even that is too long. According to the EPA, a carpet can start growing mold as early as 24-48 hours after becoming wet. Mold inhalation can cause allergic reactions, including runny nose, headaches, and sneezing, but can also cause more serious issues.

At Pristine our cleaning prices include sanitation. The product we use for this kills mold, mildew, and bacteria, and will take care of the majority of the situations listed above. In extreme cases of mold infestation, a restoration service may be required. 

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