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Why is My Dog Licking the Carpet?
Why is My Dog Licking the Carpet?

When a pet starts doing strange things like licking the carpet it is normal to make assumptions about what might be causing the behavior. The problem with trying to draw a correlation is that our assumptions are not always correct. While in our minds the conclusions seem logical, we don’t always come to the correct conclusion.

I recently had a woman tell me she didn’t want to add carpet protection to her rug because her dog was licking the carpet. She thought that the product must taste good, and that was why the dog kept licking the carpet fibers. I agreed that the dog licking the carpet was weird.  However, it didn’t make sense to me. Our carpet cleaning products are safe for pets, but I can guarantee they don’t taste good. The conversation piqued my curiosity, so I decided to do a little research into the matter and find out what might drive a dog to perpetually lick a carpet.

Reasons for rug tasting

If your dog is occasionally licking the carpet, it’s probably nothing to be concerned with. Most dogs will go after crumbs of food that are dropped or spilled. On the other hand, if they are continuously engaging in the behavior long after they should be it can be an indication of a medical problem.

Warning Signs

According to Caesar Millan, the dog whisperer, excessive licking or the licking of strange items can be an indication of a problem. Dogs may lick because of anxiety or stress, as the behavior can be a way of soothing itself. However, that isn’t the only problem. Licking can be a sign of stomach problems. Dogs can use excessive licking to induce vomiting. It can also indicate dementia or pancreatitis.

The bottom line is you probably shouldn’t ignore it. If your dog starts licking things to excess, it’s best to get your dog to the vet. Aside from anxiety, boredom, and attention-seeking behaviors, the other health conditions listed aren’t minor issues. They are ones that can be serious and require medical care. No one wants to hear bad news about their pet’s health. Carpet licking can be an early warning sign something is wrong. Your vet can help to determine the root cause and provide you with proper treatment, or behavior modification techniques.

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