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How do we eliminate pet odors?

When addressing pet odor issues, we utilize two products: a general sanitizer and an injectable treatment. The general sanitizer treats the entire surface area of the carpet, while the injections target deep spots where the pet frequently urinates. We use both products in conjunction because urine spreads out when the carpet gets wet. The general sanitizer serves as a germicide, anti-fungal agent, and deodorizer all in one. Meanwhile, the injections tackle the source of the urination. Additionally, the injections allow us to extend the treatment down to the floorboards if necessary. Neglecting to treat the floorboards when urine reaches them will result in lingering odors.

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What is the pricing for pet odor removal?

Each home presents its own unique challenges, making it impossible to provide precise pricing over the phone. Nevertheless, we can inform you that a bottle of our general sanitizer costs forty dollars and can cover anywhere from two hundred to four hundred square feet of carpet, depending on the severity of the issue. The injections are $12 each and cover approximately a six inches in diameter. Upon our cleaners’ arrival at your home, they will assess the space, potentially using a black light, and thoroughly inspect the carpet to pinpoint the odor sources. The cleaner will then offer you recommendations on the best approach for treatment and provide specific pricing.

What if the odor persists?

In some instances, pet odor problems may necessitate multiple treatments. With the prescribed treatment, we guarantee odor removal for 30 days. This means that if additional treatments are required, we will return to your home at no extra cost to retreat for the odor. The enzyme we employ for pet odor continues to work for four days. If you can still detect the pet odor after four days, it is advisable to contact us promptly for a retreat.

If you only notice the odor when you use your heating or air conditioning, this could indicate that your vents need cleaning. Your pet may have had an accident over the vents, and as a result, the pet odor becomes noticeable whenever the air is in use.

How long does the service guarantee last, and what does it encompass?

We provide a 30-day guarantee that exclusively covers pet odor in the carpets. It does not extend to hard surfaces where your pet may have caused damage. Nonetheless, we can assist you in identifying those areas and offer recommendations on suitable treatment options.

Is there anything not covered by the guarantee?

Regrettably, we cannot guarantee that your pet will never urinate on the carpet again. However, it has been demonstrated that eliminating pet odors from the home tends to discourage territory marking.

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