Our Pet Odor Removal Process

How are pet odors removed?

When dealing with pet odor problems we have two products that we use. The first is a general sanitizer which is added to the cleaning solution. The second is an injectable treatment. We use the two products together because, as soon as you get the carpet wet, the urine will start to spread. The general sanitizer takes care of any spreading urine (The general sanitizer is a germicide, anti-fungal, and deodorizer all in one). The injections are done at the site of urination, and are taken down to the floor boards. If the urine has reached the floor boards, and they are not treated, the odor will remain.

What is the cost of pet odor removal?

Each home has its own unique set of challenges so it is not possible to provide exact pricing over the phone. However, we can tell you that our general sanitizer is forty dollars per bottle, and will cover between two hundred to four hundred square feet of carpet, depending on the severity of the problem. The injections are ten dollars each, and will cover about a square foot in diameter. When our cleaners arrive at your home they will make an assessment of the space, to see how to best treat the area. This may include the use of a black light, and getting down with their noses in the carpet to locate the areas where the odors are coming from. The cleaner will then present you with recommendations on how to treat the area, and some exact pricing.

What if the odor doesn’t completely go away?

In some cases pet odor problems require more than one treatment. When you use the prescribed treatment, we will guarantee the odor removal for 30 days. Meaning, if you need additional treatments we will come back out to your home at no additional charge, and retreat for the odor. The enzyme we use for pet odor continues to work for four days. If you can still smell the pet odor after four days you will want to call us back for a retreat as soon as possible.

If you are only smelling the odor when you turn on your heat, or air conditioning that can be an indication that you need to have your vents cleaned. Your pet may have had an accident over the vents. If this happens the pet odor would become noticeable whenever the air is on.

How long is the service guaranteed for, and what does it cover?

The guarantee is for 30 days. The guarantee only covers pet odor in the carpets, and does not cover hard surfaces where you pet may have also done damage. However we can help you locate those areas and make recommendations on what you can use to treat those them.

Is there anything not guaranteed?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that your pet will never pee on the carpet again. However, removing the pet odors from the home has been shown to deter territory marking.

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