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Why Are My Carpets Sticky?
Why Are My Carpets Sticky?

Is your carpet sticky? If the carpet is sticky there are only a few probable causes. The most likely cause is soap. Store-bought cleaning solutions are soap and must be thoroughly rinsed. If the carpet is sticky after a DIY cleaning, soap has been left behind. Pull out your machine, and just run it with water over the carpet. Chances are this will solve the problem. If the area is localized, the tackiness might be been caused by a spill. The same process should also resolve the issue, only we recommend a mixture of half and half white distilled vinegar and water for your cleaning solution. *See why we recommend avoiding store-bought cleaning products here.

Sticky After Cleaning

If the carpet is sticky after a professional cleaning, it’s likely the same problem. The cleaner left the cleaning solution in the rug and didn’t get it completely rinsed out. This is more likely to happen with heavily soiled carpets. To remove the spots the cleaner may use more cleaning product. The cleaner may not have gaged the proper amount of rinse needed.  However, it can also be a result of the cleaner lack of experience. Some things just take time to learn, and cleaning companies do not always provide in-depth training for new hires. Many companies only provide a week or two of training before giving new technicians their own routes.

If you are experiencing a sticky carpet after a professional cleaning, call the company back, and allow them an opportunity to remedy the situation. A good cleaning company will offer some sort of return visit at no charge within a week or two of the cleaning. Do not wait weeks to complain about a problem. After 30 days most companies will not return for free because you’ve had time to cause new problems in the rug. Even if you can’t get it on the schedule right away, call the company ASAP and let them know there is a problem. The sooner you act the more likely they will be to work with you to resolve the issue.

Spills & Foot Traffic

If your carpet is sticky but you haven’t cleaned it, and nothing has been spilled, it is possible that something has been tracked on the rug from the outside, or you may be using a product that causes the problem. Many people don’t wear shoes in their homes. It’s a good practice in most cases. Yet, if the residents are not using house shoes, or socks and are walking around completely barefoot it is highly likely they have a habit or two that they don’t even realize is causing a sticky build-up. 

The feet are the sweatiest part of the body. Bare feet leave behind an oily residue, sweat, and skin flakes on any area they walk upon. Sweat and oil will attract germs and bacteria, that will munch on and produce their own special excretions. In addition, many people put lotion on their feet to combat dry skin. This is guaranteed to leave a viscid residue behind that will not only start to feel tacky but will also attract dirt to those areas, eventually causing noticeable traffic patterns. 

Traffic Patterns & Wear

A traffic pattern is an area of carpet that receives high amounts of traffic, and the carpet is being damaged. These areas tend to show wear and tear much quicker than other areas of the carpet. They also require more maintenance to keep them looking nice over time. If products such as oil are frequently deposited across the carpet it will lead to permanent darkening, carpet fraying, and matting.  

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